Married People: April 10, April 24, & May 1

10 Apr 6:15pm – 1 May 7:30pm 2019 EDT

Auditorium, 1205 Old Cherokee Rd, Lexington, SC, USA Map

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April 10 - Money is one of the biggest causes of conflict in every marriage. This happens because we enter marriage with different approaches to money. But when you start approaching money together, it can create connection. Talking about money forces you both to communicate and compromise.

April 24 - Our individual issues can cause serious conflict in our marriages. It’s much easier to sweep away the distracting cobwebs than to actually kill the spider causing them. In other words, we medicate surface-level issues without addressing deeper-root problems. But when we embrace God’s plan for our life, we can kill the spider once and for all.

May 1 - In marriage, we tend to have serious fights about silly things. That happens because we’re really in conflict over something deeper. Women’s insecurities around fear and men’s weaknesses around shame play off one another in explosive ways. We can choose to handle these conflicts differently by remembering what’s true about us as children of God.

Join us in the Auditorium for an evening of fun and learn about marriage and money.

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